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Building great tech teams is a challenging and time-consuming task, whether you are a startup or an established tech company.

At Toolbox for HR, building great teams is our specialty! Our data-driven approach and global outreach allow us to track the top coders & developers anywhere in the world.

Partnering with Toolbox for HR gives you a competitive advantage by reaching over 1.5 million technology professionals with diverse tech stacks from 72 countries. Our achievements are the proof of our success. Toolbox for HR clients spend on average of 4 hours, 29 minutes and 24 seconds to extend an offer for a backend developer. 77.25% of our candidates interviewed by CTO/VP of Engineering receive an offer.

With Toolbox for HR you are backed up by a skilled and tech-savvy recruitment team dedicated solely to your company, working on your behalf while you focus on the core of your business.

Toolbox is a tech recruitment shop. But when our clients ask us to work on non-tech, more operational roles like Sales and Marketing, we might be able to help.

Talent Sourcing

Sometimes your internal team just needs extra support when it comes to acquisition of new passive candidates. We can help them by engaging our sourcing capabilities and our in-house technology to increase your candidate funnel. With an increased talent pipeline, open positions can get closed faster, which significantly reduces the time to hire.  The pool of potential passive candidates is much bigger. Our talent sourcing methodology focuses on finding passive candidates across targeted profiles. We have large-scale capabilities to increase the flow of passive candidates to your recruitment pipeline. Our sourcers are backed with very precise data about where to look for talent, and our technology is scalable, to keep you busy interviewing great talents.

Candidate Travel Management

We offer flexible candidate travel management. We can take care of everything from flight & hotel booking to visa processing (if necessary), making sure your candidate finds their way around and meets you for the final face-to-face interview (if this is part of your recruitment process).

Our team can secure fast visa processing, optimal cost of candidate travels and accommodation, and cost reimbursement in line with your policies. We charge you at the end of each month for all associated costs, providing you a detailed cost breakdown supported with copies of all receipts. Any exceptionally high costs above the threshold you set are approved by you in advance.

Recruitment Consultancy & Data Research

If you are planning to launch a new startup or grow your team in remote locations, our consulting expertise will help you identify and map every aspect of the tech business environment. We can help you find the best location to hire C# developers, or show you what is the optimal number of engineers your new team needs. You name it, we know it. And if there’s something we don’t know yet, we will find out for you.

In the era of digitalization, every business decision made is data-driven to increase success rate and profits. And recruitment is no exception.  At Toolbox for HR we use data to analyze your business model, resources and needs to create an efficient recruitment process that will help you to hire, retain, and grow your workforce with minimal effort.

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